Course Description

Prolonged Field Care (PFC, also Prolonged Casualty Care (PCC)) is a well-established military practice of providing field care for a patient beyond doctrinal planning timelines in a resource-limited environment. However, most PFC training fails to give providers holistic training by making access to and evacuation of the patient(s) notional. PFC+ helps address this shortfall by incorporating rope rescue techniques for access and initial evacuation.

The PFC+ course consists of the basic and advanced tracks. They are complementary and can run concurrently, with many common educational objectives and shared scenarios. These courses consist of both an online Learning Management System followed by a 4-day in-person experience.

PFC+ is a 5-day, hands-on training that combines ANR’s Limited Resource Rescue and Prolonged Field Care standards to provide an intense test of the medical provider’s skills.


  • CLS/TCCC, EMT, or above

Equipment Needed

All equipment and material necessary will be provided.

Course Details

Prolonged Field Care + is available by request only. To learn more or schedule a class, please contact us.

Topics Covered


Airway, Respiration, and Ventilation

Fluid Resuscitation and Medication

Limited Primary Care

Triage and Evacuation

Force Health Protection

Special Populations

Rescue Knots and Knot Selection

Factors of Safety

Anchor Selection

Lowering Systems- Basic

Expedient SKED Loading

Mechanical Advantage

Uphaul Systems- Basic

Roles and Rescue Leadership