Course Description

What happens in the ten minutes until EMS arrives? It will be the longest ten minutes of your life. This course will provide you with the tools, training, and answers to save a person that has life-threatening bleeding, can not breathe, or is unresponsive. This course goes far beyond “stop the bleed” and will impart knowledge, experience, and hands-on training, that will truly make those ten minutes less frightening.



Equipment Needed

Please wear clothes that can get dirty. All equipment and materials necessary will be provided.

Course Details

The Longest Ten Minutes is available by request only. To learn more or schedule a class, please contact us.

Topics Covered

Acute Trauma Care Overview

Functions of Blood

Massive Hemorrhage Interventions

Airway Interventions

Respiration Interventions

Circulation Interventions

Hypothermia/Head Injury Interventions

Scene Management