Course Description

The High-Altitude Medicine Course was created to help advanced medical practitioners understand the complexity of caring for patients and themselves in a high-altitude environment. Keeping yourself cognitively aware can be a challenge in these situations, and this course will provide you with the hands-on tools to improve your patient and your outcome in these harsh conditions. This is a very hands-on course. For example, you will get to use a Gamow Bag, instead of just reading about it in a book. The course material was developed using best practices and evidence from high-altitude medicine.


Paramedic or above

Equipment Needed

Please wear clothes that can get dirty. All equipment and materials necessary will be provided.

Course Details

High-Altitude Medicine is available by request only. To learn more or schedule a class, please contact us.

Topics Covered

Changes to the Body at High Altitude

Making Good Medical Decisions at Altitude

Hyperbaric Chamber Use


Non-Standard Treatments